by Angie Talleyrand


You may witness emotions that disturb or even shock you when using this serve ware.

It's designed and hand crafted to stimulate deep, meaningful conversation.


It happens when sharing your real self, when you’re being seen. 

When listening to another makes you feel whole.

Feels validating AND incredibly intimidating because you're exposed.

Both states of beauty are extremely abnormal.

It’s ok.

Each piece is working with you.

A meal presented on handmade ceramics relaxes the table.

Irregular shapes and graceful curves signal informal.

Pieces feel robust and considered, weighted for handling.

Scaled for open, generous platefuls is encouraging.

But again beware, I've calibrated colours for contrast and drama.

If things go sideways, grip onto your Angie Talleyrand serve ware.

Each piece has varying textures designed to anchor you in the now.  

Readying you for another trip into the abyss of deep, meaningful conversation.

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