by Angie Talleyrand

My serveware is wonky-perfect. 

Wonky because clay warps as you work it. Perfect because the intent of my design is full of meaning and character. 

The shapes, sizing, textures and colour are crafted to convey generosity.

Serveware shapes are curved, no corners. Promising no boundaries re: what you’ll use it for.

Platters are open, wide with a low profile so you can roadshow every morsel.

Serving bowls are scaled to mimic cupped hands, cradling ingredients regardless of how generous-a-serve.

I calibrate, mix and melt minerals to make the strongest porcelain slip and glazes. These recipes are secret.

Colours mimic olive, yolk, licorice and pavlova. Textures mimic chilled short-crust pastry then rich-satin-ganache. I want you to drool.

Every move is intentional. 

Not in the pursuit of perfection.

I need all my senses to collide over a piece.

Only then do I squeal that’s so so beautiful.

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