Animated image of The Eternal Supper, and alternate of The Last Supper, where Angie Talleyrand crockery stimulates deep and meaningful conversation

In an alternate universe, imagine what would’ve transpired had my crockery graced The Last Supper.

Bet you the event and their lives would’ve been very different.

Imagine the scene with less formality, with crockery that infused a relaxed atmosphere.

Less pressure; simple handmade cups, bowls and plates relax the table.

More curiosity; irregular shapes, shifts in texture, and graceful tones invite exploration.

Strength and resilience radiates; each piece is made from world-class Australian porcelain.

Such sensational, beautiful crockery creates a space where everyone pays attention to each other, time and place.

They'd seize the opportunity to adjust expectations, to have more meaningful conversations.

This Supper would erupt with joy, expansive with 'Yes, and..' ideas, and lots of cheers!

It'd be the OMFG Supper, and certainly not the last.

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